Rochelle Boykin

Rochelle has always believed that fitness should be fun. Growing up with a very
active lifestyle between dance and sports, she found that staying busy and active
kept her in shape. Naturally that love for dance and sports lead Rochelle to the
gym…and drove her specifically to group fitness classes. Her love for fitness has kept
her involved in the fitness industry since 2007.
Rochelle is committed to fighting obesity, one client at a time. As a fitness instructor,
personal trainer and nutrition coach, Rochelle believes that overall good health of
the mind and body together are essential for a happy life. Without a healthy mind,
you cannot overcome any obstacle. Without healthy eating habits, your body will
not function properly and without a healthy and active lifestyle you will become
immobile with a low quality of life.
Everything works hand in hand, so Rochelle pushes each of her students and clients
to strive for a healthier lifestyle of clean eating, meditation and physical activity.
With this combination and Rochelle as your coach, you cannot lose! You are
guaranteed to see healthier and happier days in your near future!
Rochelle created Fab Fitness in 2015 with that same mantra of healthy lifestyle
changes starting with mind, body and sprit. She currently teaches Zumba and Boot
Camp throughout the Baltimore area. Her high-energy classes keep students
engaged and encouraged to push towards their fitness goals. She also trains clients
one-on-one and keeps her clients accountable towards their goals. Rochelle strongly
believes that a fun environment will keep students motivated, so fitness should be

Rochelle Boykin is currently not instructing any classes.