Ariel's "Next Level" Ride

Ariel's classes are designed to burn fat, build muscle, strengthen your endurance and take you to the NEXT level in reaching your fitness goals. Ariel's workouts are packed with intense flat roads, rolling and slow climbing hills, push-ups, jumps, seated and standing sprints, along with many other fun routines that will provide you with a full body workout. Ariel approaches her rigorous routines with humor and a "leave no rider behind" mentality, to motivate everyone to reach their goals and go to the next level in their routine. Ariel would love to hear how many calories you've burned in her class, so please don't be afraid to share your personal fitness goals with her, so she can help you get there!

Ariel instructs the following:
  • Club Decycle Spin
  • Club Decycle Spin instructors use their own unique training and experiences to bring this class to life. The instructor will take you through cardiovascular training techniques to help you achieve your goals whether you are a beginner or expert rider. The energy of this class will leave you feeling great all day long!