ARE YOU READY TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF???? is the question grounding her spin classes and her life decisions. Miko said yes and left Holly Springs, MS., where she was born and raised, in pursuit of challenge. On her journey, she served as a Security Police Officer in the United States Air Force, relocated to the DMV in 2008 as a Federal Police Officer, received her M.A. in Organizational Business and Security Management and a Certification in Cyber Security from Webster University, and most recently received her Certified Spin Instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics. Miko has been spinning for about 8 years and intensely the last 3 years after relocating to Baltimore in 2015. Combining her love for cycling, fitness, a commitment to stress relief and motivating others, she again, said yes to the challenge of being a spin instructor. Her motto is: SPIN FROM WITHIN….IT’S YOUR RIDE…IT’S YOUR JOURNEY…LET’S GO!!!! Ask yourself, “ARE YOU READY TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF?”

Miko instructs the following:
  • Club Decycle Spin
  • Club Decycle Spin instructors use their own unique training and experiences to bring this class to life. The instructor will take you through cardiovascular training techniques to help you achieve your goals whether you are a beginner or expert rider. The energy of this class will leave you feeling great all day long!