Ariel's "Next Level" Ride

Ariel's classes are designed to burn fat, build muscle, strengthen your endurance and take you to the NEXT level in reaching your fitness goals. Ariel's workouts are packed with intense flat roads, rolling and slow climbing hills, push-ups, jumps, seated and standing sprints, along with many other fun routines that will provide you with a full body workout. Ariel approaches her rigorous routines with humor and a "leave no rider behind" mentality, to motivate everyone to reach their goals and go to the next level in their routine. Ariel would love to hear how many calories you've burned in her class, so please don't be afraid to share your personal fitness goals with her, so she can help you get there!

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” ~ Shakespeare

Belinda is a passionate, energetic, committed, and go-hard or go home spin instructor. She pushes you past your excuses and out of your comfort zone into your journey of becoming fit, healthy and disciplined. She truly cares about each and every person that walks into her class and will stop at nothing until her class is the best part of your day! She brings out the best in you through sprints, HIIT, push-ups, tap backs, heavy climbs, & more...all skillfully choreographed to the beat of the hottest music! Guaranteed club bangers and calorie burners! One class, one client, one calorie at a time...all you have to do is show up, she will take care of the rest! Follow her on FB and IG @NaturallyFitBebe.

Ricky C. Orange, born and raised in Baltimore City, is a member of the U.S. Army Reserves, serving for over 30 years.  Ricky has a passion for staying fit and works to set an example to encourage everyone he touches to do something to be as fit as possible. Ricky started indoor cycling while serving on Active Duty at Fort Dix, NJ (2006) to cross train while recovering from a running injury. Since taking up running in 2004, he has run 1 full marathon, 15+ half marathons, 1 metric marathon, 7+ Army Ten Milers and countless 5k and 10k races. His goal for 2015 is to run 15 half marathons. He is a member of Back On My Feet (BOMF), a running organization that supports homeless men and women in shelters through running. Ricky runs on average 20 miles weekly with BOMF and get in another 15 miles on his own. Ricky is taking his enjoyment of biking outdoors and currently training for a Century Ride (100 miles). Ricky truly enjoys all genres of music, so be prepared to enjoy a ride with him listening to the beat of something old, new, or different. Ricky holds a Spinning® Instructor Certification from Mad Dogg Athletics® (Since 2009, #1703962).
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